Hot girls. Real sex. Real orgasms. Passionate. Unscripted.
Abby Winters currently holds content of 932 models, 1728 photo sets, and 1761 videos. That's a magnificient amount, and everything in here is genuine, exclusive amateur content. Almost all of the girls are 18-21 years old, there's a few older ones up to the age of 35. Each model has a great model page, with a few sentences about the girl, photos, videos, lists and board threads.
About is consistently rated first in amateur and girl-girl genres on the adult Internet and on DVD. Focusing on happy, healthy and natural Australian girls, watch the girls getting naked,masturbating or having passionate sex with other girls.In addition to the website, girl-girl and intimate moments masturbation content is also released on DVD.

solo girls — natural girls, nude, at home or outside, having fun. Getting naked, getting personal. No makeup, real sets, real girls! is an endless bounty of gasping sex, stunning beauty and friendly faces – all for you to enjoy. Too much to ever get bored, too engaging to get jaded, too organised to get lost. You’ll just get spoiled!
Looking for fresh, natural, real erotica that is heart-racingly sexy? This is it! Beautiful nude girls! Bare bums! Perky breasts! Sexy legs, delectable torsos, those little dimples on the small of her back… There’s nothing quite as mesmerising as the female nude. We’ve got a staggering 2,789 videos on the site. (That’s 336 hours, 39 minutes). At an hour a day, it would take you about one year to watch them all!
Some of our models feel comfortable enough to bring themselves to orgasm during their solo videos, too. I don’t mean a few moans and silly pouts. I mean breathless, sticky, heart-pounding real orgasm, where she forgets the camera, forgets the world, just enjoys that incredible pinnacle of bliss. has three interconnected sites: a Solo site, a Girl on Girl site, and an Intimate Masturbation site. Awkward jitters. Raunchy unbridled sexuality. Playful stories. Teasing looks. Uncertain thoughts. Carnal desires. Our models are amateurs, making them fresh, exciting, nervous, open, real. They are full-time students, nurses, café workers, or just happy vivacious chicks! Meanwhile our photographers and videographers are professionals – and all female - so we can show you that freshness, that nervous tension, the reality of that experience. Righteous, guilt-free porn? Yes! Arresting, graphic, heart-wrenchingly sexy porn? Yes! Constant updates, great community, awesome navigation? Yes, yes, yes!
girl-girl — natural girls, paired up or in groups. From adventurous, playful make-out sessions of multiple girls, to lusty, throaty, burning sex with two gorgeous babes. In our Girl on Girl Fun shoots, we have as many as sixteen of our hottest models getting naked and having a blast in a group activity. Some recent favourites include a pajama night, playing in a waterfall, frolicking at the beach, having a paint fight, 10 models at a pool party or 16 models taking a yoga class. The INTIMATE MASTURBATION Site Models from our solo site masturbating to orgasm. Real orgasm. To make sure she's fully comfortable, we leave the model completely alone in the room, after setting up the video camera on a tripod. Sometimes we put two models in the room together! Our core philosophy is to pair natural physical beauty with the emotional freedom that comes from being nude on camera in a respectful setting. To our models, this simple, sacred freedom leads to unbounded sexuality and unselfconscious joy. It’s what you see lighting up her eyes in stills, inspiring her very real orgasms in the videos.

The porn industry acts in tandem with advertising and the mainstream media to create a bizarre, artificial version of what women are supposed to look like. I always seek out stuff that is closer to the real thing. Since finding I have not frequented a single other pornography site. Abby Winters has beauty without the airbrush. These are real women, and she knows how to draw out their personality and sexiness.


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